Air Strike

FA 18 Hornets have softened up a well-defended enemy observation position with Hellfire Missiles.
Your team’s mission is to storm the position immediately after the airstrike and deny the enemy the high ground.
It’s all in a day’s work for your commando team. But this time there is a problem……
The airstrike was brought in 20 minutes early and the enemy have had time to re organise and re occupy the gun pits. To make matters worse half of the Hell Fire Missiles failed to detonate and they are clearly visible half embedded in the ground around the bomb craters.


With the element of surprise lost, just another day at work has turned into a nightmare. Things are going to get very untidy very quickly.


There is no air or artillery support, and next to no cover except for the bomb craters. And just to make life a bit more interesting, the unexploded bombs could go off at any time if they are hit by a stray round.


There is only one thing to do, crack on and achieve the impossible!